"The final track, 'Human Beings,' brings back the funky groove, conjuring images of a swirling, mysterious alien disco. The album is sure to get you on your feet dancing.

-RJ Roxas, Echo Magazine - Chicago

“…a very talented band…because of their fusion of their technique and styles…”

Roger Eduardo Palomino-Lopez - Living The Dream-Houston TV Show

"...the music speaks more broadly to the human experience, reaching beyond the genre’s“go to’s” of intoxication with love or being in the club."

Jennifer Tress - - Washington DC

“We've been trying to figure out why you decided to name this new band "Channel K." Best we can come up with is that you enjoy both television and Special K cereal. Why not "Channel X"?”

Shea Serrano - Houston Press

"...Check Your Head is awesome!"

Chantal - AHEAD SHOT-Houston TV SHOW 

"It is that same deep rooted sense of emotion and passion wrapped in pop hooks, the same rock urges being tempered by infectious melody that you seem not to find in many contemporary artists in this field, that makes them stand out." 

Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture, UK

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